Molds Maintenance portal

Finally, customers can control the productive life of our molds. C.A. Stampi in fact designed and implemented a portal dedicated to the management of maintenances of molds built for its customers. The portal is online with restricted access. All customers can reach their assigned area with their own credentials and watch data of every single mold, analyze its maintenance history throughout the course of the productive life of the good.

In detail it is possible to check out all the maintenances and repairs, to evaluate what exactly was done in the course of the various maintenance operations, with the associated costs and recovery times.

In a specific area, the customer can check and verify the quality of the intervention performed by C.A. Stampi, and documents the acceptance and the level of satisfaction. The portal, which has received praise from our customers during various company audits, allows a timely and accurate management of the maintenances of all the molds, with clear organizational advantages that are reflected positively on production efficiency of our molds.