High-precision measurements

We have a fully equipped measurement room full of the latest technology control tools, which we use to verify and test samples, prototypes, moulds, equipment and gauges. In addition to measurements, we can, starting with a physical artefact, create 3D calculations in the most common programme formats (STL, STEP, CATIA, etc.), which can be accessed on any CAD system to comfortably create an extremely precise reverse engineered product.

Onsite measurements, including at our customers' premises

We have portable control equipment available for verification and testing activities at the customer’s premises. Our specialised technicians can come to your company and, using high-precision HandySCANN 3D scanners, perform repeatable checks and measurements on moulds, components or any other artefact in your presence.

Characteristics of the measurement and dimensional checks service

  • Measurement room equipped with state-of-the-art instruments/equipment
  • Dimensional checks and controls at key points of the process
  • Service measurements and surveys on behalf of third parties
  • Measurements of large elements
  • Onsite dimensional checks at the customer’s premises

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