Impeller production for pumps

Impeller production for pumps

Our aims are not limited to the design and manufacture of moulds. Frequently, we are able to support a client’s project by also supporting them during the series production of some other mechanical parts made of plastic, including all types of impellers for water and fluid pumps in general.

Impeller fields of application

The production of plastic impellers for pumps is based on the characteristics and materials that are suitable for use in the client’s project. We are able to meet all kinds of use requirements, from pumps used in motor vehicles, submerged pumps, liquid suction to braking systems and more.

Characteristics of our impeller production

  • Automatic lines for ultrasonic welding, checking, cleaning and packaging.

  • Equipped laboratory for verification of the Cleanliness Requirement

  • ISO 9001 certification of the entire production process

  • IATF16949 certification of the Automotive Impeller production process.

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