Creative collaboration: a working philosophy

C.A. Stampi e la collaborazione creativa con il cliente

A tango between company and customer. Imagine a plastics moulding company and a customer starting a tango-like dance. This dance, made up of dialogue and feedback, is the beating heart of the mould-making process. The customer comes up with ideas, sometimes bold and innovative, other times more traditional, and the moulding company, with its experience […]

The Art of Product Industrialisation

Foto di un manufatto industrializzato da CA Stampi

An idea, no matter how brilliant, needs technology, knowledge and careful planning to manifest itself in reality. This is where product industrialisation comes in…

A new entry: the 3D HandySCAN

Our metrology lab can now count on the manageable precision of the new 3D HandySCAN, a laser device that rapidly checks and carries out dimensional surveys on any type of product, whether in plastic, metal or any other material.

May 5 to 8 MOULDING EXPO in Stuttgart

We will be present with our stand at the international exhibition specialized in the manufacture of molds, models and tools, that will take place in Stuttgart, Germany.

C.A. Stampi on Eventi of Il Sole 24 Ore

A short text in which the journalist reports an interview with our CEO Nicola Casalanguida that highlights the positive experience of C.A. Stampi, company that was able to transform into opportunities for growth and innovation the long period of the current economic crisis.

C.A. Stampi professionalism in South America

In collaboration with a mold manufacturer based in Argentina, C.A. Stampi participated in the realization of two Ford automotive projects for the South American market. In detail our company collaborated in the design of molds for glass encapsulation, providing the excellent know-how gained, in this area, in these years. The Argentine partner made all the […]

The laser welder arrives

bought this new practical tool that allows us to perform very small carryovers of material in very delimited areas of the mold. Obviously the use of this tool allows us to do extremely precise welds and to intervene in repairs on producing molds, eliminating therefore the defects on the molded product. The welder, used by […]