A new entry: the 3D HandySCAN

Our metrology lab can now count on the manageable precision of the new 3D HandySCAN, a laser device that rapidly checks and carries out dimensional surveys on any type of product, whether in plastic, metal or any other material.

Imagine a truly portable 3D scanner, weighing less than a kilogram, with autonomous positioning and dynamic reference, which performs up to one million 300 thousand measurements per second and which, thanks to its ergonomic design, allows our technician to scan moving objects, even complex ones, under difficult conditions, simply by turning around.

Thanks to this new purchase, our metrology takes another step towards quality surveying and accuracy. Ready and operational in under 2 minutes, the 3D HandySCAN needs no tripod, is free and independent and ensures a rapid workflow, from scanning to creating a 3D model, thanks to multiple laser crosses. The same device can also scan different objects in real time. The instrument is so easy to transport that we will be able to make the most of it wherever we are, and even use it for working at customer sites.

At this point, it is easy to see how this new technological equipment will ensure we always work under the best conditions, enhancing performance, in terms of speed and precision, both in the quality control of production and in product development.